Loreto Nedlands inspires and empowers students to strive for excellence, to be of service
to others and to confidently embrace life in the spirit of Mary Ward



Be seekers of truth and doers of justice.

– Mary Ward.

Be such as we appear and appear such as we are.

– Mary Ward

It is my great privilege, as Principal, to welcome you to Loreto Nedlands.

Loreto Nedlands is a unique Catholic School built upon the legacy and charism of the founder, Mary Ward.  The Loreto values of Freedom, Justice, Sincerity, Verity and Felicity form the foundation for all that the school aspires to be. Loreto Nedlands provides an environment and culture whereby all students have an opportunity to embody the mission of Mary Ward as they show love, respect, compassion and justice for all.

Loreto Nedlands is proud to offer a quality Catholic education that is Christ centred, but still immersed in the world, as it encourages its students to develop and use their gift and talents to make a difference to others and to be “…seekers of truth and doers of justice.” (Mary Ward).

Loreto Nedlands values its rich history and the contribution of the Loreto sisters, who founded the school in 1931.  The school continues to flourish as a welcoming community where parents work hard to support the staff in the best interests of the children. Parents play an integral role within the school and their involvement is valued as we strive to ensure the very best we can for all Loreto Nedlands students.

In an increasingly challenging and complex world, Loreto Nedlands is dedicated to providing a rich and diverse curriculum that encourages academic excellence, in synergy with the spiritual and social development of each child. The highly professional and dedicated staff work collaboratively together with a commitment to provide for the individual needs of every child.

I warmly invite you to discover more of how Loreto Nedlands makes education an enjoyable and richly rewarding experience for its students.

Your sincerely

Mrs Therese Hussey



Therese Hussey

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